P-Squared Group, LLC, designs, manufactures and markets/sells charging systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones.

P-Squared Group, LLC, has an excellent product and product line that addresses the most explicit need in the drone marketplace: flight time when in the field.  The company has designed and manufactures multi-battery charging units that allow pilots to stay afield longer.

What we have captured in our charging systems is speed, convenience and flight time all in one unit.

P-Squared Group was formed by Johnny Podorvitz and Bruce Pearman in September 2014 with a vision to provide electrical and mechanical design services.

Early projects consisted of various industrial controller products.  However, a real need was made apparent to co-founder Johnny Podrovitz while he was in the process of getting his drone pilot certification.  When he went to the field for training he noted that there was never enough flight-time or battery life for the entire duration of the training period.  The system being used was inefficient at best.  The system used was comprised of a series of chargers capable of charging only one battery each at a time.

The development of the P-Squared Group family of drone chargers evolved from this real life event.

We have several products available including UAV and drone chargers like the P2 Quadcharger ProThe P3 QuadCharger Pro and the P2/P3 QuadCharger COMBO. These magnificent new products are shipping now!  We have just introduced the QuadCharger Pro for the DJI Inspire as well. 

Over the past year P-Squared Group has designed and built these great products that directly mirror the needs of DJI drone pilots:

  • The P2 Pro and Go chargers for Phantom 2, January 2015 – July 2015
  • The P3 Pro and Go chargers for Phantom 3, July 2015 – September 2015
  • The P2/P3 Go combo for Phantom 2 and Phantom 3, August 2015 – September 2015
  • The Inspire 1 Pro charger for DJI Inspire September 2015 – March 2016
  • Designed and built case and lid molds for Phantom 2 and 3, February 2015 – March 2015
  • Designed and built contact die and contacts February 2015 – March 2015
  • Created software, designed and built 3D prototypes for all products. January 2015 – ongoing

We would be happy to discuss any DJI or other UAV charging product development with you! Just call us at: 719-776-9146.

How we do it

Every product starts out as a drone charging need. From there, we thoroughly plan for that products success. Every aspect of the product is considered in a careful, thoughtful way. This allows us to save valuable time and dollars in getting that product into the hands of our customers.

Why we do it

There is only one reason why we do what we do. That reason is to keep professional UAV and drone pilots and power-users in business. There is a tremendous need for rapid charging systems that do not harm expensive Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. We Keep Your Birds, In The Air (and baby your batteries).