“The P Squared team continues to impress! It is rare to find a company with a good quality product, at an affordable price, backed by outstanding customer service. Johnny has been incredibly responsive to our requests, and his chargers have made a significant impact on the efficiency of our operations.”

Avion Unmanned Solutions, Huntsville, AL

I have recently had the pleasure of adding the Inspire 1 Quad Pro Charger to my flight kit. I will tell you now that I will never do a job without this invaluable component again. This is a serious “must have” tool for any professional Inspire pilot.

Unlike the 4 port charging hub from DJI, which only charges one battery at a time with a low wattage separate power supply, the Quad Pro contains its own robust switching power supply and safely charges 4 Inspire batteries simultaneously along with your controller.

The charger is compact, light weight and good looking. The whole unit is self contained in a tough Cordura outer shell with the power supply and controller charging cable stowing neatly in the side pocket. It comes with a comfortable top carry handle that clicks out of the way to access the charging cradles. Simply insert up to 4 Inspire batteries and let the charging begin!

All working drone pilots know that there is no such thing as having too many flight batteries. When you are on the job and you need to keep flying, well… You simply need to keep flying. The Inspire 1 Quad Pro Charger allows you to do just that.

Simple, fast, reliable and safe… The P-Squared Group has got another winner here.

Timothy Baur – Droneographer